Help Your Students Grow

Whether you’re faculty or staff, SAIL lets you integrate experiential learning into your teaching, mentoring, and advising.

Put integrated learning into practice

Use SAIL to make a deeper impact on student learning and retention by helping them connect learning across contexts through a shared framework and platform. Help students capture key learnings from your course or program so that they can refer to them in the future and integrate them with other experiences they have.

Help students see the skills they develop in your class

SAIL lets you make the objectives, skills, and knowledge in your course explicit to support all learners. Using SAIL, you can help students see how their academic work plays a role in the broader development. SAIL also helps you find and recommend learning opportunities to your students that relate to what you are trying to help them learn, and better integrate students’ previous experiences into the opportunities you offer.


Increase student engagement

Tap into students’ motivations as they make and share real-world connections from their experiences. Get a deeper understanding of who your students are and what they’re interested in learning more about, and help them realize new ways in which their discipline-based skills can help them leverage other integrated learning opportunities. SAIL is also a great tool to let more students know the availability of the learning opportunities you offer and to get feedback on what student learn in your classes.

Short tutorials on how to map your course to the SAIL framework, mentor students, and more

Getting Started With the SAIL Web Platform
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Detailing A Course
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Creating (Non-Course) Opportunities as an Educator
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