What is SAIL?


SAIL is a different way of approaching learning.

One that sees learning as more than a stage in our lives and instead views it as an intrinsic part of life itself.

The things we do in life – our experiences – create opportunities to learn. SAIL helps us capitalize on those opportunities by providing a framework to capture skills and insights from our experiences. SAIL is based on the innovative work of learning scientists at Northeastern University, the leading educational institution for experiential learning.

We all have to learn everything, at least once.

While experience is a great teacher, the learning it provides doesn’t always resonate and stay with us. That’s where SAIL can help. SAIL helps us see the connections between learning and experience so we don’t miss the opportunities and have to learn the same lessons again.


Charting a new course

Whichever way your path takes you – career change, promotion, new challenges – you’re never starting from scratch. SAIL is there to help surface all of your relevant past experiences so you can better articulate how they’ve prepared you for whatever opportunity comes your way.

Learning happens everywhere, with everyone

With SAIL, knowledge comes not only from your experiences but from those of others as well. SAIL opens the door to the entire Northeastern Learning Network. Whatever you want to explore, pursue, or discover, SAIL gives you access to an exclusive network of more than 400,000 fellow learners and experts.

Ready to capture your experiences and see the skills you develop?

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