How can SAIL help you? You decide.

SAIL’s framework will become second nature to students, staff, and faculty across Northeastern. As that framework is woven into academic and campus life, you’ll learn to “speak SAIL” effortlessly. Find out how you can become an early adopter.

Plan your growth

You can use SAIL’s app to set goals and plan your growth and learning. The app makes it easy to log your achievements and learning “moments.” As these unfold, you can also share your learning trajectory—who you are, who you hope to become—anytime, with whomever you choose.

As you build specific skill sets and attributes, you’ll look for ways to apply them to new circumstances. You’ll be an agile learner, ready to seize opportunities and scale hurdles throughout your life and career.

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Where Will You Experience SAIL? Everywhere

At Northeastern, you’ll learn about SAIL without even trying. Virtually all students will learn about SAIL’s framework when attending orientation and when talking with academic advisors. Faculty members, resident advisors, coaches, club leaders, and many others may also introduce it.

Educators, including student leaders, can weave it into and across coursework, co-ops, Dialogues of Civilizations, study abroad preparation, co-curricular activities, and casual conversation, anytime, anywhere. Your experience with SAIL will be as individual as you are.

This graphic highlights just some of the many areas where you’re most likely to experience SAIL. If you don’t, feel free to ask about it.

Join the Student Advisory Board

Interested in being part of SAIL’s evolution? The volunteer Student Advisory Board needs you. Students have shaped SAIL from the start, offering input on the learning framework and underlying concepts. They’ve also piloted the app, weighing in on everything from filters and search functions to data privacy.

Since the launch of an advisory board in 2017, members have come together monthly with the SAIL team. Students regularly volunteer time across areas of particular interest to them, including app functionality and development, communications, and research; they share ideas for maximizing learning across Northeastern. An influx of new SAIL beta testers and ambassadors will help the university continue to revolutionize higher education.

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