SAIL For Staff

SAIL for Staff and Co-Curricular Educators

A research-backed, holistic approach to experiential learning

Holistic Learning

Help learners connect experiences through a shared framework and platform

Reflection on Experiences

Prompt learners to make greater meaning from their experiences to better inform their future

Self-Directed Learning

Empower learners with skills and resources to set and achieve goals


Staff and co-curricular voices and resources

Jason H. Nolen Doerr

Learn how CSI has integrated SAIL into their work with student organizations.

Integrating SAIL Into First Year Seminar

Learn about activities that will help students achieve the shared goals of the First-Year Seminar and SAIL.

SAIL in Advising Toolkit

View this quick guide to begin integrating SAIL into the work you do with students as an advisor.

Creating (Non-Course) Opportunities in SAIL

Use SAIL to share your opportunity with the NU community as an educator, or student organization.

Preparing Your Resume With SAIL

A worksheet to help students identify areas of strength, and how they relate to the SAIL dimensions and skills while helping them articulate their story.

SAIL Backward Mapping Exercise

Use this printable postcard activity to show students how their past experiences contribute to the skills they have developed.

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