SAIL Beyond College

The benefits of experiential learning can extend into and throughout your professional career.


College is only part of your education

Learning is a lifelong process. College makes up only 8% of your working life. SAIL provides you with a way to ensure you are actively learning through the remaining 92%. That’s why SAIL is designed to capture your learning and help you process it, wherever you are on your learning path.

Lifelong learning

As a Northeastern University alum, you have access to one of the most powerful experiential learning platforms available, now and throughout your career. With SAIL, you can capture all your challenges, life experiences, and personal and professional growth opportunities so you can continually design your life based on what you are learning.


Charting a new course

Whichever way your path takes you – career change, promotion, new challenges – you’re never starting from scratch. SAIL is there to help surface all of your relevant past experiences so you can better articulate how they’ve prepared you for whatever opportunity comes your way.

Learning happens everywhere, with everyone

With SAIL, knowledge comes not only from your experiences, but from those of others as well. SAIL opens the door to the entire Northeastern Learning Network. Whatever you want to explore, pursue, or discover, SAIL gives you access to an exclusive network of more than 400,000 fellow learners and experts.


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