Privacy Policy

Data Use

SAIL values data transparency, privacy, and the handling of data in an ethical manner. Users create, modify, augment and share data on their experiences and allow the SAIL digital tools to capture and share data on their experiences in order to dynamically visualize their growth and experiences to them, connect with others, and customize their experience of the platform. SAIL administrators will only share SAIL data in the aggregate and will only release it to others for the purpose of enhancing the educational experience at Northeastern. The university will not collect or use SAIL data for faculty tenure and/or faculty/staff promotion. To learn more, check out SAIL’s digital platform privacy policies below.

SAIL Privacy Policy – Learners

The Self-Authored Integrated Learning platform and related apps (collectively, “SAIL”) are tools intended purely for individual educational benefit, to assist in academic, professional, and personal growth, allowing individuals to take note of opportunities that they believe were meaningful and contributed significantly to their learning. The accuracy, value, and usefulness of SAIL depend on the information provided by users. Therefore, the university does not make any representation or warranty related to SAIL or its contents, and does not verify, certify or award credit or credentials based on information contained within SAIL. The university does not monitor or access content provided to SAIL except as described below. I understand that I should not use SAIL to disclose or report concerns to, or otherwise communicate with, the university or university personnel. If I wish to report a concern of any nature to the university, I will not attempt to use SAIL to do so, and I acknowledge that the University does not offer the SAIL platform for that purpose. SAIL system administrators reserve the right to monitor, access, alter, and/or delete any content for the purposes of compliance with the law and/or university policies.

I understand that my use of SAIL is subject to Northeastern University’s Policy on Appropriate Use of Computer and Network Resources. Any violation of this policy may result in termination of my access to SAIL and other disciplinary action at the discretion of the university.

I understand that by using SAIL, certain data that I provide or that is created as the result of my use may be used by the university for its mission-related purposes, including but not limited to enhancing the university’s educational offerings and developing SAIL’s capabilities and functionalities. I understand and acknowledge that the university will have access to SAIL metadata (such as participation counts), and individual data provided to SAIL, but that such information will only be used, analyzed and reported in the aggregate to protect confidentiality. SAIL and my use of SAIL are subject to Northeastern University’s Privacy Statement.

I understand that I may elect to share with others certain information that I provide to SAIL. Whether or not such information is shared is my choice, and I may change my choices at any time. I acknowledge, however, that altering my choice to share information will only be effective prospectively.

SAIL uses a third-party tool to analyze de-identified SAIL-use data to provide SAIL administrators with helpful information on ways to improve SAIL’s usability and functionality. Based on this, SAIL administrators may contact individuals to make recommendations to maximize/enhance users experience with SAIL, or to highlight new SAIL features. These administrators may also contact individuals to invite feedback (e.g., through surveys, interviews) about the SAIL platform. Users may opt out of these communications at any time.

SAIL’s “network” feature will allow individuals to identify themselves as someone who is willing to be contacted by other users by email. SAIL users include students, faculty, staff, and Northeastern alumni. I understand that if I choose to participate in the “network,” my circular visualization around my profile photo that reflects my engagement with the 5 dimensions and other profile information, such as email address may be shared within the SAIL community of SAIL users participating in the “network”. Any feedback (“Calibrations”) received from others in the network are private unless an individual chooses to share them.

SAIL Privacy Policy – Educators

The university will not collect or use SAIL data for purposes of faculty tenure and/or faculty/staff promotion. SAIL and individual use of SAIL are subject to Northeastern University’s Privacy Statement.

I understand that learning opportunities that I enter and publish in SAIL will be visible to users of SAIL. I may edit and/or delete only those learning opportunities that I entered, or those for which I am responsible, or on which I am designated as a collaborator or administrator.

I understand that SAIL users may contact me by email to learn more about an opportunity that I entered into the system.

I understand that if I have any questions regarding this platform and related apps, its functionality and/or its privacy, or if I wish to report misuse, I may do so by contacting the SAIL team at [email protected] or the Office of Information Security at [email protected].