Lori Gardinier, MSW, PhD is the Director of the Human Service Program in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) at Northeastern. She is a leader in experiential education practice in both local and global settings. Her outstanding commitment to high quality experiential education was recognized with the Northeastern Presidential Aspiration Award (2004) the Excellence in Teaching Award (2011) and the 2015 College of Social Sciences and Humanities Outstanding Teaching Award. Lori has developed partnerships with many of Boston’s nonprofit organizations through her own practice and her continued implementation of service-learning partnerships Her research spans social movement studies, sexual violence and best practices in experiential learning.

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The work students are doing is so ingrained in who they are as people, you can’t untangle their personal values and worldview from the field and the work they are doing.

— Lori Gardinier

Learning Opportunities

As part as her role as an educator, Dr. Gardinier has created numerous learning opportunities for Northeastern students, a sample of which appears below.

Banner Peer-to-Peer Cross Cultural Project-based Service Learning

Peer-to-Peer Cross Cultural Project-based Service Learning

Students co-conceptualize and execute a youth summit with Zambian peers.

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Banner Capacity Building Project

Capacity Building Project

Students are placed with area non-profit organizations to learn about the non-profit role within the community – culture, economics and etc.

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Banner Human Services Professions Course

Human Services Professions Course

Students will go to a lecture/talk on a discipline or skill that is interesting to them but outside of their department - thus seeking out the opportunity to enhance their own knowledge further by engaging with Northeastern's intellectual community.

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Banner Self-Help Opportunity

Self-Help Opportunity

Serving as a primer for a course on chemical dependencies, all students attend a self-help meeting - AA, OA, SLA, etc - to shift the way that they understand addiction and to learn about the complexities of addiction.

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