Philip Andolena: Harnessing the SAIL App

For Philip Andolena, DMSB’19, who joined SAIL’s Student Advisory Board in 2017, SAIL’s experiential learning goals made instant sense.

“They’re already baked into Northeastern’s culture,” he says, pointing to skills and traits, like community engagement and critical thinking, that as a resident advisor he has learned and taught.

Right now, he’s beta testing the SAIL app. You can tap a “calendar feed” of new learning opportunities that “eventually will be global,” Andolena says. You can create a visual, sharable profile of your learning in five dimensions, a mosaic to which “you add pieces as you build out experiences.” You can keep track of memorable “learning moments” on a timeline. All this, he says, helps you “pitch your strengths” to employers, grad schools, peers, and others.

The app’s smartest feature? “Eventually the calendar will be comprehensive, and you’ll find activities in areas where you want to grow,” Andolena says. For this busy finance major, those areas include well-being and boundary setting.

SAIL’s learning goals are already baked into Northeastern’s culture.

Another app advantage: Connectivity. As students and alumni sign on, “It’ll be great for professional networking,” Andolena says. You’ll seek their advice about co-ops that interest you. And while on co-op yourself, when “it can be hard to feel connected,” you can search for events that bring co-op students together.

SAIL’s student advisors debated how public or private SAIL profiles should be. “The controls are good,” Andolena says. He can choose to share his profile, Excel level-3 training, and systems-thinking prowess with his boss at Wellington Management (a Northeastern alum), or invite people to join a Bitcoin interest group.

As SAIL evolves, Andolena hopes to stay involved, he says. Meanwhile, he’s “speaking SAIL” with students who are new to its learning framework and language.