SAIL capitalizes on the potential of experiential learning by embracing the notion that learning happens everywhere. Employment, activities, service, and coursework all contribute to creating a seamless and robust learning experience. Opportunities are mapped to skills and dimensions within the framework, offering a personalized experience.

We invite all educators to map the opportunities they offer for Northeastern learners to SAIL.

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Sample Learning Opportunities

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Co-op allows students to explore their interests, identify potential career options, and make informed career decisions. Through these unique and personalized experiences found locally, nationally and internationally, students will gain the skills and confidence to move toward their goals as they integrate their studies with relevant professional experience.

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Peer-to-Peer Programs

Peer-to-peer opportunities are a powerful learning model creating an abundance of experiences whereby students can learn and practice new skills while having a significant impact on helping other students. These types of roles are varied and diverse ranging from positions such as resident assistant and peer health educator, to program leaders, mentors and coordinators.

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Banner Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Coursework not only helps build expertise in and across disciplines, at Northeastern, they offer the unique opportunity to transfer and leverage knowledge throughout all student experiences to provide the opportunity for seamless growth across all dimensions. Expanded flexibility in meeting requirements enables students more possibilities to complete majors and minors.

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Banner Athletics & Recreation

Athletics & Recreation

The combination of varsity athletics, club and intramural sports and recreational programs are among the most comprehensive, progressive and inclusive programs in the country. Our students have a rich array of learning experiences available that will build character, leadership, fitness and balance in their lives.

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Banner Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

There are many opportunities to participate in research initiatives on and off Northeastern’s campus. Research opportunities abound and provide learning experiences that allow students to explore their passion, create a better future, and inspire others.

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Banner Study Abroad

Study Abroad

A vast number of opportunities to live, work, research, travel and study abroad are available through a broad network of academic institutions, and faculty led summer programs for students to explore. Participating in a global learning experience is one of the many ways to customize and enhance one's skills and growth.

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