Matthew San Miguel

College of Arts, Media and Design '22

Land the Best Co-op

Matt San Miguel is a second year communications and media and screen studies major that uses SAIL to pursue the best co-op. Matt’s central focus is videography, and the professional positions available in this field range greatly. To gain a better understanding of the opportunities available to him, Matt uses the network feature within SAIL to connect with undergraduate students who have been on similar co-ops. These connections and conversations give Matt greater insight into his options so he can make the most informed decision, and pursue a path that will maximize his professional development. Now that Matt has started co-op he is utilizing SAIL’s mapping features to keep track of all the learning he does on the job. This includes important learning moments, tracking his goals, and involving himself in new opportunities. SAIL has been key for Matt in finding the best co-op, and getting the most out of it now that he is on the job.

Creating Goals

Connect in the SAIL Network