One Way to Access a More Powerful SAIL

We’ve integrated the student portal and the educator portal so that students and educators can more seamlessly interact in the same space.

Here's What's New in SAIL

  • One web login whether you’re an educator or a student  
  • A more flexible opportunity creator and manager
  • Create clusters or groups of learning opportunities to advance programs through linking
  • Go beyond the SAIL competencies by tagging your learning opportunities to disciplinary skills 
  • Copy information from one opportunity to the next
  • Give feedback on learners’ skills
  • Email and in-platform notifications and alerts that engage your students and colleagues

Get Started

Ready to use SAIL? Below you will find a variety of resources to implement SAIL as an educator and a learner in the SAIL platform. See the How to SAIL page to learn about more SAIL functionality.

SAIL Updates Materials

Download SAIL platform updates materials to share with your network.

SAIL Updates Postcard (PDF) SAIL Updates Poster (PDF)


*Important Notice: As of August 26, 2019 all of your data and information on the Educator login web address will be ported over to the new SAIL platform.