Getting Started With the SAIL Web Platform

Learn how to use SAIL on the web platform. In this tutorial, we will walk through the five key components within SAIL. Goals are measurable objectives that you set for yourself. These can be short or long term, personal or professional. Opportunities are all of the experiences you take part in at Northeastern, which are separated into learner and educator opportunities.

Learner opportunities are opportunities that you participate in that another person in the network created. Educator opportunities are opportunities created or collaborated on by you, that others in the SAIL network can search for and join. Any academic courses that you teach will also appear in this section automatically. To learn more about creating educator opportunities watch our videos, “Detailing a Course” and “How to Create (Non-Course) Educator Opportunities.”

Moments are important realizations or ideas you want to capture from your experiences. Finally, Calibrations help you to assess how you’re developing certain skills over time. Learn how to utilize these functionalities in SAIL by watching the video above or downloading the PDF walkthrough below.