Experiential Learning

The Benefits of Experiential Learning

Our first day on campus. Our first job interview. Our first solo trip abroad. Everything we know how to do came from experiential learning. We try, we fail, and we eventually figure it out.

SAIL is built around a simple but powerful idea

Learning happens everywhere, in every context and every experience. The ability to learn from every experience helps you move easily between different environments – academic, professional, and personal – and transfer skills in an ever-changing, fast-paced world.


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Xun Kuang
Campus Feature

Capturing the learning from the experience

While our dynamic and highly mobile lives open up more experiences, they can also make it difficult to recognize the value of those experiences. Being able to capture important moments and reflect on what they’ve taught us are invaluable to boosting your learning, your options, and your life choices. SAIL provides a convenient, easy-to-use method to help you put a pin in your learning so that you can come back later to it.

This personalization can go a long way in making sure that you have your experiences without missing the meaning.

Digital tools to fit your digital life

SAIL was designed to let all members of Northeastern’s global community reflect on, learn from, and, most importantly, share their experiences.

The SAIL app makes it as easy to capture learning as it is to order a latte. Visually based and highly intuitive, it lets you grab and save what’s important while keeping up with the many other experiences happening in your life.

Whether you’re a learner or an educator, you can access your own global network of peers, collaborators, and mentors and track experiences, insights, and goals. You can search the SAIL Network for other learners who have done co-ops, taken classes, and participated in a wide range of other offerings and tap into Northeastern’s most comprehensive database of learning opportunities.


Take your experiential learning to the next level.
Find an opportunity. Add a learning experience. Build your network.