Erykah Kangbeya

College of Social Sciences and Humanities '22

Self-Discovery With SAIL

Erykah Kangbeya is a second year political science and sociology major from the Ivory Coast who uses SAIL to get involved with the Northeastern community and discover her passion. Erykah has known throughout her life that she wants to care for others and assumed nursing was the best way to achieve this. While Erykah has thoroughly enjoyed the program, she has recently found a new path as a result of the experiences she is having on campus. As a member of several organizations revolving around social justice, such as the Student Government Association and the Center for Intercultural Engagement, Erykah is developing a new understanding for how she can care for others. By using SAIL to adopt a new language and understanding of her true passions, Erykah changed her major to political science and sociology. Now she can pursue her passion by continuing to get involved on campus and mapping her personal growth.

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