The next generation of experiential learning at Northeastern

In a world of constant change, you need to be agile: Ready to learn and adapt throughout your life and career. Self-Authored Integrated Learning is a new approach to education that focuses on extracting meaning not just from courses or co-op, but from every experience. This mindset uniquely prepares you as an adaptable lifelong learner, leveraging every experience for growth and success.
Philip Andolena, DMSB'19 SAIL testimonial

SAIL’s learning goals are already baked into Northeastern’s culture.

Philip Andolena, DMSB'19
A SAIL Student Advisory Board member who’s beta-testing the SAIL app
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Kimberly Irmiter SAIL testimonial

To Explore’s students, SAIL comes naturally. They’re already thinking hard about their interests and strengths.

Kimberly Irmiter
Director of the Explore Program for first-year students not ready to choose a major, on how she’s adapting SAIL to enhance the Explore experience
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