What is SAIL?

An Ecosystem for Lifelong Learning

The Self-Authored Integrated Learning (SAIL) initiative leverages the value of learning both in and outside of the classroom to create a personalized learning journey.



The Journey of Integrated Learning

The case studies featured here illustrate how SAIL empowers students to customize their experience to create their future.

Banner Shelby Sih

I’ve done so many things I never would have thought I could do – and realized I was the only one getting in my own way.

— Shelby Sih
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Banner Suzanne Kim

It’s as if I was hazily drifting down a river, then I awoke to discover that I was rockin’ the perfect tan. And now that I’m awake, I am shaping the river.

— Suzanne Kim
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Life is a Teaching Moment

We’re creating an educational model that removes boundaries across all environments and puts students in the driver’s seat to customize their path.

Banner Shaya Gregory Poku

Our goal is to help students build their social consciousness and to expand their ability to engage with contemporary issues.

— Shaya Gregory Poku
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Banner Lori Gardinier

The work students are doing is so ingrained in who they are as people, you can’t untangle their personal values and worldview from the field and the work they are doing.

— Lori Gardinier
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