Student MyStory


See how all of your experiences connect to tell your story and chart your path forward.

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  • Visualize your skills and experiences, and see the connections between them
  • Plan for what’s next by seeing your strengths and identifying areas for growth
  • Plan for Your Dream Job, Co-op, or Other Opportunities
MyStory Helps You See the Learning Extracted From Your Experiences
Discover and Explore Connections Across Your Experiences
Plan for Your Dream Job, Co-op, or Other Opportunities

MyStory Tutorial Videos

Ready to use MyStory? Here are some videos on how to get started.

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What is MyStory
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MyStory: The Integration Space
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MyStory: Boards

What should I make MyStory about?

So, what should you make a MyStory about?

First Year Seminar

How has your first semester shaped your path, and how will you continue to develop as you prepare for co-op?

Co-op Preparation

“Tell me about yourself.” That’s a question you’ll hear in nearly every co-op and job interview. And it’s one of the most critical. MyStory helps you build a story of the unique experiences, skills, and goals that make you the perfect candidate so you can confidently and concisely share it in those big interviews.

After Co-op

What experiences shaped your learning during co-op? How did you build on past experiences? How does this shape or change your future goals and actions?

Course Mapping

How did the units and assignments of this class fit together to shape your overall understanding of the main topics? How did they connect to experiences beyond this class?

Graduate Student

How did your undergraduate experience, both in and out of the classroom, prepare you to succeed in this grad program? What other life experiences inform your work? Where might your grad program take you in the future?

Returning Professional

How do the strands of your life (past academic work, family, professional experiences, etc.) inform and strengthen your Northeastern experience? Where will this new learning take you in the future?